5 Basic Things Every New Programmer Should Know


5 Basic Things Every New Programmer Should Know

Programming is not just a skill, but it is the most popular career choice for youngsters nowadays. If you have been into the programming world of software development, you might have understood about the business of writing code for any random thing that you even can’t learn from any coding academy or university.

Whether you are a new programmer or a graduate student who is searching for the programmer job, some of the basic things you should always know.


#1: Know About the Command Line Tools

There are many possibilities of spending almost whole the day working with a code editor and others. In such cases, knowing how to execute things at the command line could make your task much easier. Previously the work of a programmer was to write code for mainframe computer or personal computer. Who started using Microsoft tools, and then certainly moved to Linux would feel quite easier task to do with the command line.

#2: Learn about fundamentals of Programming

Programming could be much interesting only if you will be aware of the basic fundamentals of programming. Never equate learning code with learning the craft of programming language. These all are different skills. But to be a good developer, you must be the master of at least any two skills. Firstly, learn about that programming language and then later learn how to use a programming language. Many people become confused to make the career in programming, it completely depends on your own choice but programming is problem-solving and problem-finding too.

#3: Select any particular Programming language

As I have already mentioned that master in any two programming languages because in today’s world, there are many languages to be chosen. Few new programming languages such as python, Clipper, PowerBuilder, C#, Delphi, and others. Just take your time and know the basics of these languages and then explore some of these languages and determine whether you like just one or more than one languages. Choose the path which best fits you. You can also search on the web about the language which is most in demand.


Programming Languages


#4: Find out the best way to learn the craft of programming

By the word “craft of programming” means explore programming by knowing the basics. Just focus on key points and see if it fits or you not. Take help from that experienced programmer who can let you know about the craft of programming in the best way. Grasp all the knowledge from experienced people and use those skills by your own way.




#5: Determine whether you enjoy your work or not

It’s very much important to enjoy the work because without interest any work would be damn boring. Just take a moment to decide whether you are enjoying the work or not and then find which skill would give you enjoyment and work for you in the best way. Nothing works without energy and enthusiasm, if you have the both keys then things would be much easier to process.

Wrapping words

A coder should always adopt basic things quickly. Make debugger as your friend and always choose the shortest path to solving any issue on code. The above-mentioned points are very much important for you all to be a good software developer.

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