5 Fascinating Web Development Trends For 2016

Top 5 Web Development Trends

5 Fascinating Web Development Trends For 2016

Every year approaches with certain new and trendy features for various fields. The platform of web development is no exception. In this field too every now and then changes seem to arise. New things gain importance, and people lose interest in old pieces of stuff.

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With technological evolution going around it is definitely necessary for coders to keep track of the latest news. News related to upcoming frameworks and their implementation for powerful tool development. Keeping all this in mind let’s move forward along with certain interesting web developing trends, that took 2016 by storm.

Web development Trends that Flourished In 2016:

Being a true professional and working for self-improvement becomes necessary in most cases. Surviving in this tech industry itself calls for improvement. Thereby staying aware of most practiced and promising trends can be helpful. This gets you acquainted with all latest and new stuff. With 2016 approaching onward let’s take a look at some software developing trends that you all want to know.

  • Wrapping of Code containers offering more Security:

Coding in containers is one of the current trends in the field of software development. Creation of virtual machinery atop physical hardware might lead to the waste of resources. What if everything is put into a single place from it’s beginning? Therefore wrapping every process using a single container, leads to less expenditure. As well as lesser resource usage. This also provides higher security,when additionally protected by latest cryptography. Nevertheless, help your data to be stored in cloud storage offering immediate safety.

Wrapping of Code containers offering more Security

  • Rising Demand of Mobile Sensory Apps:

With Apple’s smart watch and gears hitting the market. Competitors too started coming up with all possible alternatives. Along the way, we also came across devices such as Dr. Watson, a product of IBM. It is through this device we first understood that a wearable device can work as a mobile health sensor. This gives us a clear idea about the growth of specialized apps in coming days.

Rising Demand of Mobile Sensory Apps

The already available equipment along with devices are sure to produce a large amount of data. This will call for developing more reliable and potent tools. Developers should be able to visualize and offer respective health condition of these data. With this software trend becoming more procure, job offering will see a rise in this section.

  • Java Tends to Lose its Position:

What does person offering a job for developer designation ask for? Many will answer the basic criteria is to be familiar with Java. However, it won’t be long when Java is insufficient to get you a job. Yes, job listings will include Java knowledge, yet companies will be pursuing those having a lot more to offer. Besides Java, one must have the ability to bring something new to the table. Most companies look to hire candidates familiar with Java. Because they can be trained easily to be able to work with Scala or Python. Very few are there who require employees ‘experienced in java. Lately with new development steadily declining even those fewer are allotted for maintenance processes.

Java Tends to Lose its Position

  • Cloud Computing seems rocketing:

With the developing scenario changing lately, more and more companies are opting for cloud computing policies. With the era of big data upon us and Windows 10 as it’s predecessor. Software future trends have firmly set their sight on cloud computing. So cloud computing experience seems to be rolling out. On analyzing, we found nowadays companies are eager to hire employees experienced or at least comfortable with cloud computing. This might sound like something different but is actually advantageous.

Cloud Computing seems rocketing

  • Self-servicing is confirmed to be crucial:

In this modern era of online payments through smartphones. Leading to the growth of apps for the mobile market and the easily shifting software development trends. This further takes you in depth to developments shifting their interests from being prioritizing to licensed open sourcing. With this community increasing in size requires a constant collaboration of task outsourcing and a pair of skilled teams. Thus more focus should be towards self-service. Many may consider it as a mantra, but it’s actual reality. It is through self-servicing, one will be able to work more efficiently with a cloud-based infrastructure in future. Following the trend of outsourcing software, developments have seemed to help real time players. Alongside small businesses who also tend to introduce this policy of good will.

Self-servicing is confirmed to be crucial

Wrapping Words:

With knowledge on these following trends, you are about to get more benefited with your software development tactics. This will definitely come in handy for those who would like to keep them updated with all latest industrial news and topics.

Hopefully, this post will be able to serve your web development needs and help you along the way. For further interactions, you can get in touch with us through your comments. Besides this, if you’re are availing any expertise support for web developments don’t keep it to yourself.

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