5 Website Designing Tricks to Go Viral in 2016-17

There is a thin line between the way a web page looks and the way the web page works. This is the main reason of conflict between web designers and developers. In the recent times, this is conflict has gradually faded away. The designers of this generation are paying much more importance to functionality and buttons rather than paying attention to just design and forms.


In this post, I shall share some of the major changes that will come into existence in the upcoming times and web designers will follow these trends to take web designing to new statures. Let’s discuss one by one:


Storytelling is a piece of human instinct. As people, we adore living in a place where there is attachment. We read books, watch motion pictures, and plays. Notwithstanding brandishing occasions can unfurl as accounts. We are normally attracted to a decent story. Sites that recount a story can frequently draw in clients and play on something that brings out human feeling. Storytelling requires making visual and UI components to make something that people need to collaborate with. With an accentuation on change, designers will be urged to use this system and we will begin to see additionally Storytelling aside advanced configuration.


Design continues to flatten out

With responsive outline basically assumed control over the Web, anticipate that level configuration will keep on being a command plan stylish all through 2016. Not just will there be sites that dispatch with level outlines, those websites who’ve as of now grasped the level configuration pattern will hope to make things considerably compliment.

Take for instance Google’s logo. The organization changed its logo to make it all the more level (losing the angles) and changed the text style. It found that a cleaner sans-serif text style for its logo cut the span of the logo document utilized on sites by more than half. Google additionally found that it was less demanding to peruse on smaller devices.

Change in Google Icon

This incorporates overhauls to logos (like Google), symbols, pictures, and different components that perhaps didn’t get completely smoothed the primary first time. You can thank the drive and determination to get our sites to stack speedier and snappier, weigh less, and get substance to viewers all the more adequately.

Artificial Intelligence

AI will big affect the way originators consider computerized plan. Plan in its unique sense will take a secondary lounge and turn out to be more straightforward. As more applications begin us with logical data , man-made brainpower will begin to help us make a move on that data. We’re now beginning to see a case of this for versatile applications. It is just a short time before this moves to the web. One case of this is Facebook’s M which is Facebook’s response to Siri. Albeit like Siri it can perform assignments that surpass that of its adversaries.


Responsive Outline

Responsive web outline has turned out to be unbelievably prevalent lately on account of the ascent of mobile web utilization. It’s safe to say responsive outline isn’t going anyplace soon, as it speaks to a generally straightforward and modest path for organizations to assemble a completely practical portable well-disposed site.

Data-driven Designs

In 2016 we will keep on seeing the move from an accentuation of configuration on style. Configuration is subjective and accordingly can regularly be the consequence of feeling. Vast associations as of now have admittance to business insight devices and can quantify and repeat outline by measurements, for example, navigate rates, transformations, Abdominal muscle and multivariate testing, and so forth, however, numerous littler associations don’t. With new devices, for example, Apropos developing, we will begin to see this channel down that will make outline more information driven.


The performance of a web designer is judged by the visitors viewing their page. If they are happy or satisfied it is adjudged as a success. No one can impress their visitors with the same design. One need to continuously grow over a period of time and try unique and creative approach to impress their visitors. The above process will surely help one grow in times comes.

What do you fell about the latest trends on designing? Share your views in the section below!!!

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