7 Latest Web Designing Trends To Look For In 2016

With the passage of time people have started browsing various kinds of websites using various types of devices like smartphones, tablets etc. Thus web designing has been an important aspect for companies.

Web designing is said to flourish on two things namely innovation & imitation. However, lately we have observed the later to have spread like wildfire. We always have a habit of grabbing the most of latest trends and then implementing it. Sometimes it turns out to be innovative, or else we continue our search for the next big thing.

With more people going through your website it should look the impervious irrespective of what type of devices he/she is using to view your website. Thus here are some absolutely new web designing trends that will help you to take a look at the bigger picture.

#1: Using Hero Images

The best considerable way to capture your user’s attention is through usage of striking images of high resolution. Featuring HD quality images with crafted call to actions will definitely increase the conversation rate at your website. Thus if your consider vision to be humans strongest sensory aspect , HD Hero images are your best and quickest way to grab anyone’s attention. And with advancement of its bandwidth along with data, compression it won’t even take much loading time. And the users with slow internet connections won’t have any troubles either.


Using Hero Images

#2: Using Material Design

With Google’s material design style language, you can simply steal the show with your website designing prowess. This style language adds up to the flat design craze. Material design is said to give more depth of field incorporating more light and shadows to your flat design. It is also said to feature generalized grid-based layouts along with responsive animation additions.


Using Material Design

#3: Using Typography

Various streamlined and minimally designed websites have started featuring typefaces. They often tend to be more dramatic and has a strong influence on viewers. Thus nowadays many are implementing calligraphic fonts as it gives you a face-to-face yet tactful feel.


Typographic Web Design

#4: Using Background Animations & Videos

Usage of background videos and animations can do two things to your website;

  1. It can make your page look more interesting by adding that intriguing dimensional feature.
  2. Or it can simply act as a distraction.

So what would you prefer? But on further execution, it is being found to enhance your page’s content in a fascinating way. So it’s all about playing the game with frame rates until your videos and content bond to become one and seamless.

So instead of adding bulky videos and animations experts suggest to work on creating gentle movements to different sections of an entire image.


Using Background Video & Animation

#5: Using Hover Animations

Whenever any user is unsure about any elemental functioning, they tend to hover around with their cursor. This is where one using hover animations can capitalize. These type of animations provide users with instant feedback. Thus enabling them to have a happier and uninterrupted browsing experience.


Using Hover Animations

#6: Using Motion Animations

The human eye is very sensitive to any kinds of movements and seems to be naturally drawn to it. Leveraging this aspect many are throwing their chips on motion animations. Because with motion animations, one can bring anything to the focal point of their viewers. Thus they can add that extra form of excitement and help to increase your website engagement.


Using Motion Animations

#7: Using Full-Screen Forms

With responsive web designing playing its own part, the sizes and formats of online forms and input screens have been changing deliberately. These Full-Screen forms and overlays are providing a more legible space that is easy to fill-up and interact-able. Thus it seemingly has encouraged individuals to focus on the onscreen activities.


Using Motion Animations


So with ongoing changes in technology, website designing to have been adapting newer and modified methods to meet user needs. Thus it can be easier to get caught up in these emerging trends and shape and evolve them according to your needs. But the key thing one should never forget is to keep the users in mind before and even while designing your website.

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