A quick guide to android programming.

As the technology began expanding itself, there has been a steady rise on various new languages which most of the industries have demand for. Gone are the days where people were only having software developers ranging from java to .net to many other languages. Now the main demand in this league is the mobile app development, which is considered to be very trending in today’s times. As the two smartphones Android and iPhone are locking horns against each other trying to determine who’s the boss, these platforms started having developers from all walks of life. Here I’m going to talk about one such platform in the world of smartphones which has invaded in markets beating most of the sales of iPhones. That’s right I’m talking about the Android Smartphones.

To learn the basics of android development, it is also important to even know about java as well because android is derived from java itself. Most of the apps which are created in Android are all coded in Java programming language. The coding for android is done with the help of Eclipse or the Android Studio which happens to be the main coding section for entering a corresponding code and then executing it by getting the desired output you wanted.

Here is how to execute an android app when you want to execute it on the system:

Have a look at this tutorial video below and then you might understand on how to create an android app:

This is just a basic tutorial on how to create a basic android app, as you go further you might even know how to create complicated apps as well.

Here are some real-life examples of programming in android:

    1. ┬áLocation Tracker: A map-based app which can be helpful in tracking yours as well as your friend’s location as well, this can also be created on the android studio as well by following these simple steps.


    2. Firebase Chatroom: This is another example of creating a chatroom using the android based code. It is also branded as multiplayer gaming engine as well.


I’m sure what i just mentioned now might have caused a thought in your minds thinking about switching over from the old fashioned programming languages to the new ones. Whatever your decision might be you can’t able to ignore this because of its interface as you see. Please download the android studio in the above mentioned in case you changed your mind of developing in Android and also check out out code mongoose as well. Please Subscribe to our blog for more such updates. See ya!!

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