Android Vs iOS: Which Platform is to be Chosen First?

Android vs iOS

Android Vs iOS: Which Platform is to be Chosen First?

Android and iPhone are the two biggest platforms for mobile apps. Combining them both nearly 90 percent of the U.S. smartphone market, many app developers are concentrating their efforts and serve the users through these two platforms. But there is an inherent tension when the resource is limited and developers must choose one over the other, or device which platforms to be developed first.

So for that, all the developers should arm with some basic facts around the difference between Android and iPhone users when making this decision.

In this article, I will discuss some of the basic parameters to differentiate between Android and iOS. As a developer which will help you to choose the right platform for your better future.

Android Demographics vs iOS Demographics

Currently, Android having the largest platform in the global market. Because it having an open source and every kind of people can use it means lower income people and its market is bigger in developing nation.

But to be an iOS user your income must be high. And mobile functionality is also difficult to understand for that you must having a higher education level. And the most important thing you have to pay for every app. Because a iOS not an open source.

Android Revenue Model vs iOS Revenue Models

The Revenue model of Android and iOs are somewhat representative of the approach of Google and Apple. Android having more number of Ad-support apps in commemorative of iOS. But if you’re operating iPhone then you have to pay for every app which you will upload from the Apple store. That’s why iOS apps earn more revenue than Android.

Android Release Cycles vs iOS Release Cycles

Android is the open source and it is locked down by the carriers and OEMs. This is the reason Android lags behind iOS in terms of OS update. According to the study, 80% of users on iOS are using iOS 9, Which comes out in September 2014. Whereas In Android less than 10% of all Android users are on Marshmallow.

This means in iOS you can focus on supporting newest versions of the operating systems. That focus developer to build newer APIs, stop supporting older devices sooner, and generally, reduces testing and development cycle times.

Android Tablet Apps vs iOS iPad Apps

iPad are operating system is more secure than Android Operating system. Due to the security reason Apple iPad is mainly used by the business persons. So you will be hard pressed to find Android tablet in a meeting room or on the desk of any executive. People who are using Android operating system smartphone but they used iPad as their preferred tablet.

When to Choose iOS first

Today’s most of the app is launched on the iPhone itself. The above reasons show the speed of iPhone in the market. Today most stage startups today begin with iOS, then move over to Android. And if you want your App covered in the press iOs is the way to go .

When to Choose Android first

Choosing Android platform will make sense only when your target audience is squarely focused on Android. Especially in developing nations or in an urban area. It also makes sense when you are tapping into or customizing the element of Android operating system that not accessible on iOS.


The fact given in the article will help you to make your own decision. And You can work on both if you have good knowledge and have a resource. For more details please visit

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