Hiring Micro Managed Resources – A CodeMongoose Perspective

Hiring Micro Managed Resources – A CodeMongoose Perspective

Why Hiring Micromanaged Programmers is considered better than direct hiring on Odesk/Elance and freelancer.com

Statistics show that 92% of first time projects fail on freelancing marketplaces like Elance/Odesk/Freelancer.com and similar sites. Reason being when you are contracting work for the first time you are not sure about the wild west out there called remote hiring on the internet. There are tremendous complexities involved and one of the primary complexities being Micro Managing your remote employees.

Now it is a proven fact that if someone is freelancing he is doing it for these main reasons –

  1. Flexible Life Style
  2. Earn more than what they used to earn in a job.
  3. Be their own boss!

Now while it’s a good thing to be your own boss, but this leads to some serious work life discipline issues for most freelancers. Most of them take their customers for granted, don’t respect deadlines and are hard to command to get work done on time. This is not a skill-set problem rather more of a lifestyle issue. The reason they chose to do freelance is because they don’t like boundaries, boundaries of the discipline in job, boundaries of delivering on deadline, they just want to work at their own will, which is good as they are choosing to do what they love to do. But for the service buyers this attitude comes as a monster in disguise at the later stage of the project. Even freelancers with 5/5 ratings on most portals you will find this issue. Most of them don’t respect nothing, time, deadline or you as an employer!

However, not all freelancers are the same, there are a few who respect deadlines, have mastered the art of work life balance even in freelance lifestyle and try to work very professionally as they were working on a real job. They respect you, your time and the deadlines and also the importance of your project. HOWEVER this group is like 1% of the entire freelancing industry and consider yourself, SUPER LUCKY if you get to work with them in the very first project. It’s the remotest possibly that you will find one of this guy in your very first hire. If you actually find him in the very first hire, consider you have struck gold.

Also there is a very high possibility that in your first remote hire, you will find those SCAMSters/Tricksters who run their lives scamming people on the internet. There are a high number of these guys on the internet. Like 15% of the internet marketplaces and over 10% of members in forums. These guys will contact you, promise you the moon for pennies and you will fall in their trap, pay them an advance 25% or 50% since you are getting a GOOD DEAL and kiss good bye to your money :)

Most first time buyers do this FUCKING mistake as they are too greedy, lessons learnt huh? Don’t be a cheapo, pay the real value of services, if you want a real good service. Anyways if you read this post by me, now I think you won’t be scammed by those mother fucking scammers. Its OK to get scammed once or twice I have been scammed too.

So what should you do eh? Can’t hire on Elance/Odesk as you got no expertise in hiring. Fear that you will be duped.
Remember, there are no Bad Freelancers, but there is always

Bad Project Scope (You don’t know what the final deliverables will be, right from the UI to the functionality; everything should be put on paper. I need a clone of blablabla, this is shittiest requirement I have ever seen in my life. Write down everything fully, what you need, spend like $100 with a good project manager to create a detailed project scope document so you don’t end up losing thousands of dollars later. This is the best investment you will ever make on your project; trust me, a good project scope document, which sets expectations clearly for the deliverables is the value of gold.)

Bad Requirements (I don’t know about shit, or what am doing. I just want the moon, the best app which can make me 100 grands the day I launch it. This is my crazy shit idea(some vague shit description), please make this a reality. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? I have no idea of what to do with your crazy shit idea man, give me something in the terms I understand, I am a programmer for God’s sake, not a fairy from fairy land who will waive a magic wand and voila, your idea is converted to a live prototype! Most first time service buyers do this mistake, they have no idea of what they want and don’t set up what they finally want in their mind or in paper. 99.99% of these projects fail. 01% will succeed if you are REAL lucky to get one of those programmers who actually like the concept of your idea, but trust me most programmers wont as they are more in love with learning and implementing technology and not your idea. )

Bad Project Management (I don’t have time to manage you buddy, just do this by end of this week, you better do this else am going to cancel the project with you. Oh really? Go ahead mother fucker (by this time the freelancer starts losing interest in your project and starts looking for alternate work cause he knows you will cancel the project midway. 95% projects get canned midway due to bad project management, where buyers don’t have time to manage freelancers efficiently, this can be worked around though, I will present solutions in the later part of the post.)

Bad Hiring (This is the best of the worst mistakes buyers make for the first time. Since you are new to hiring online, you just go ahead and hire someone who says they can do the job. You might look into the past reviews and ratings which can be faked these days easily and hire the guy only to know at a later stage that the freelancer is not a good fit for your project. You don’t know how to hire the right candidate and eventually end up screwing your project and losing money and blame the freelancer.)

This has been the story of majority of the buyers I have met/spoken to in the years of being online and doing business online.
And a lot of this is my personal experience as well, since I have been in the buying and selling side as well.
So, we just saw a major problem in the remote hiring industry. Do you propose a solution to this problem?

Yes, every problem has a solution, Google solved the search problem, Microsoft solved the PC problem, infact they gave birth to an entire software industry. Apple solved the smartphone problem and so on.

We are trying to solve this remote hiring problem with


Aren’t Elance/Odesk doing the same? How are you guys different?

Platforms like Elance and Odesk just act as brokers and try to get the buyers meet the providers via a marketplace model. They are least interested in getting your projects done or completed. They just want a 8%/10% commission on the total project amount as the fee and want to make money off the platform they have created over the years. It’s a good model when you see it with respect to their point of view, but when it comes to buyers, the REAL drivers of this online economy they are actually in a losing position, because they don’t get value of money and mostly incomplete projects and no work done.

Also due to so much spam (both service buyers and service sellers) on these marketplaces and their in-efficiency and willingness to remove the low quality spam has led quality programmers out of these marketplaces. I mean some of them are still there but the number is very scarce and you will rarely find them when you are trying for the first time.

CodeMongoose on the other hand operates on a total different model. We don’t ask you to dive in an unknown sea of freelancers and swim your way across. We handhold you, guide you in every aspect. This is how it works.

  1.  You come to use with a project or your idea.
  2.  One of our senior analysts studies it with you, helps you to scope it down to a concrete project scope (this step costs your $100).This way we weed out lots of potential scam buyers at the first place and make sure our talented workers only serve the best and serious buyers. This is something I would recommend elance and odesk to do, not sure if they have the time and bandwidth to implement it at the scale they are operating. If they are not capable, they can ask me to implement this for them ;). Anyways this step solves some major issues which can arise at the later stages of the project. Sometimes we also help you build an MVP (minimum viable product) scope, if you are testing a new idea for a market fit, building an MVP is much more cost effective that spending money on something which no one wants.
  3. After the scope is prepared and frozen, programmers on bench are interviewed depending on skillsets needed for the project and a quote is provided to you. Now here is again where we beat Elance/Odesk, one of our senior project managers with minimum 10+ years in programming and software industry interviews candidates for you. He acts like your project manager or Chief Technology officer and helps shortlist programmers, so you can finally interview them. Imagine hiring this guy locally (you are 150k+ year down already). This service you won’t be able to find anywhere, a senior programming analyst who understands business requirements and is able to communicate them clearly to programmers. Now all projects on CodeMongoose platform are solely on hourly payscale. As of now we don’t undertake fixed price projects, we might consider them in the future. We don’t provide a fixed price budget cause the requirements might change and we don’t like saying NO to change in requirements. We provide you an estimated time frame though, on how much time the project should take. Infact this is something which differentiates us from freelancers on Elance/Odesk. They will seldom like change, as they have given you a fixed price and they somehow want to complete the project and deliver it as fast as they can. However our mindset is totally different, we bill you only for the hours our programmers work. So for us change is welcome and we want to make sure that our programmers will work for you until you are satisfied with the end product. You are paying them, so you are the BOSS! You will never get this feeling with a freelancer of Elance/odesk, you can bet me on that!
  4. One another major difference and advantage which CodeMongoose platform has over typical odesk/elance setup is that we have a legal contract with programmers in the country where we hire them. Right now we operate from Bangalore and Mumbai in India and Cebu and Manila in Philippines. We shall be shortly opening offices in Eastern Europe and Russia as well, so we can provide you the best programmers from across the Globe. This legal contract serves as a protection to you as well as us that the programmers can’t scam you for the money as they have to work under contract.
  5. That is it, your programmer/programmers are finalized by you and an invoice is sent to you. Once you pay the invoice, your project is started by our team and you can track daily progress on the project via the online trackers and system trackers. You are in great control of the project and you will actually feel that the developer is working with you, sitting beside you in your office!
  6. Everyone is happy and the project gets a happy ending like several of our customers have got. Most of our customers retain us for continued development and maintenance of their projects.

Check our blog posts for some real customer case studies.

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