How can You Make a Cost-Effective UX Testing for Masses

How can You Make a Cost-Effective UX Testing for Masses?

User Experience (UX) is the medium of interaction between the product and the user. The UX design extends the satisfaction of the user with great accessibility and usability. We got to know the importance of UX designing. Besides, there is one other important i.e, testing. This is not so easy that one may think. Many people cannot understand it purely.

Generally, designers concentrate on core UCD (User Centered Design) to extend their skills. So in this article, let us see about UX testing from the concept of a UX designer. Before that, have a brief look at UCD.


User Centered Design


In the design cycle of a website or an application, UCD places the users in forth. It means, the environment of the application, tasks and the users of the application are centered and design revolves around them. So, we can make sure the design meets the requirements of the users.

user centered design

The context of use, Requirements, Design solutions and evaluation of designs are the very common jargon used in the UCD. And let us see some processes that are involved in the UCD.


Usability Testing Session


A usability testing session includes gathering information from a group of people as they utilize the site prototypes. It, for the most part, comes at a generally high cost, since it includes a great deal of human cooperation and legwork.

What does a usability testing session resemble? Individuals are welcome to go to a session amid which they will be solicited to play out an arrangement from undertakings on the site, while you or the arbitrator takes notes. The client will frequently be requested that fill in a poll toward the end of the test, to find out that it was so hard to play out specific errands, for example, purchase an item on an e-trade site from a particular classification page and continue to checkout.


This kind of testing is typically saved for the top of the line intuitive prototypes or intelligent wireframes. It is an awesome method for social event information on the most well-known issues certifiable clients will experience.




Questionnaires can be an incredible method for producing significant strong factual information – giving the right queries are asked.

ux testing with questionnaires

A questionnaire can be especially helpful when you need to gather a significantly more differed cross-segment of information than could be accomplished through a little center gathering. It can likewise be contended that individuals have a tendency to be fairer without the prompt weight of being in a little client bunch.

The danger of groupthink is turned away, so people will settle on their own choices.


Focus Groups:


Focus group testing is pretty much obvious. It includes asking focus group individuals (which could be web page clients or the proposed targeted audience) a progression of inquiries identified with the site, and being urged to share their musings and sentiments on various related regions of the website outline/wireframes.

It’s regularly a smart thought to have an accomplished mediator amid such a group session to guarantee exact notes are taken. Furthermore, a great mediator ought to have the capacity to recognize the indications of groupthink, and ensure that the entire procedure is not contrarily influenced by group elements.


Make a cost effective testing:


You may not afford the aforementioned process all the time. Sometimes, you may need to run on a tight budget. But the need for testing is always there for you. In such a case, you can take the help of some tools which offer free services. An example for such a better tool is Google Analytics.

In the above methods, you mostly relied on people and their feedback on how the application or website is meeting their requirements. With the help of the available tools, you can make it in a way simpler. We need to make out of box thinking and so can reduce the investment needed. With the help of the tools, you can collect the data you need in an automatic way.


Google Analytics


Google Analytics need no introduction in the digital world. It is a standout amongst the most inside and out tools accessible and is as of now the most generally utilized web analytics administration as a part of the world. More or less, Google Analytics permits you to do click testing and drop off focuses.

Incorporated with Adwords, it permits you to track landing page transformations (from advertisement snaps) and view inside and out data about your site’s traffic.

Google is always enhancing the administration and tends to include new elements a standard premise. For instance, it as of late presented Data Studio 360, which is an intricate data perception and reporting stage intended for big business clients. It was soon joined by a free form of Data Studio, intended for people and little organizations.


What would be the results?


With the use of google analytics in the User Centered Design approach, we get outstanding results that can lead to the improvement of the user experience of the website. The final results you would get are like:

  • Increment in the web traffic
  • Increment in the sales
  • Increment in the return user count
  • Better usability
  • Reduced further development costs




If you see the most successful websites or applications, smooth functionality is a key element. But if you go deep, you can find that usability and user experience are also essential elements that lead the success of the application. So, designers and developers should give proper priority to the testing process. When you cannot afford the manual methods, use of the tools can be the cost effective solutions for your need. You can go for outsourcing of the testing process. On CodeMongoose, you can find talented testers who can give you the right feedback of your website or application and help you improving your performance.

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