How-to get best of the best people to work for your outsourced work

How-to get best of the best people to work for your outsourced work

Tight budget and tough timelines prompt you to go for one of the best options i.e outsourcing. Although outsourcing sounds like a familiar word, there are many who are not sure how the outsourcing process works. It can be a daunting task to choose the right person for your work given the sheer amount of potential workers available globally.
To ease this overwhelming task we have some points ready for you so you can get well-versed in finding right talent.

You can: Find a developer and Post your project.

Find a developer

Here are some points you must keep in mind for when you check out a developer’s profile:
Reputation: Check out the developer’s reputation on the site, there would be some reputation bar or some rating mechanism, every site does.
Skill: Try to match up the skill set of the developer with the skills which you want for your project.
Activity: Find out the percentage of completion rate, on budget, completion time and the rehire rate which can collectively give you right decision making edge in this regard.

Feedback: Make sure you have a good look at the feedback of their past employers. This is single most important thing which can give great insights.

Portfolio: Last but not the least check the developer’s portfolio. Observe the samples etc. which can give great insights on the capabilities of the developer.

Post a Project

You can post a project and let us do the rest

Give us details of your project viz. .

• Category
• Project name
• Skills required
• Description
• Attach documents and images
• Whether you’re in for a fixed price or per hour
• Currency and Budget

CodeMongoose can turn your dream into reality and assure that someone trustworthy will attend to your project.

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