Here’s an indicative list of how our processes are designed:

  1. Plan: Understanding requirements, Gap analysis, feasibility analysis, documentation.
  2. Design: Database modelling, software structuring, interface design, prototyping, documentation.
  3. Development: Implementation, Unit testing, documentation.
  4. Testing: Build installation, system testing, bug fixing, regression testing, testing reports, roll out.
  5. Deployment: Software deployment, post deployment testing, documentation.
  6. Maintenance: Change request, impact analysis, documentation.
  7. Promotion: Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Pay Per Click Ads, SEO, Video Ranking, Content Marketing, Infographics etc.


You come to us with your grand idea or project!


You come to us with your grand idea or project!
One of our senior analysts studies it with you, helps you to scope it down to a concrete project scope (this step costs you $100). This way we weed out lots of potential scam buyers at the first place and make sure our talented workers only serve the best and serious buyers. This step solves some major issues which can arise at the later stages of the project. Sometimes we also help you build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) scope.


After the scope is prepared and frozen, programmers on bench are interviewed depending on skill sets needed for the project and a quote is provided to you. Now here is again where we beat Elance/Odesk. One of our senior project managers with minimum 10+ years in programming and software industry interviews the candidates for you. He acts like your Project Manager or Chief Technology Officer and helps shortlist programmers, so you can finally interview them. Imagine hiring this guy locally (you are $150k+ year down already). As of now all projects on CodeMongoose platform are on hourly to monthly pay scale only. We'll bill you only for the hours our programmers work. So for us change is welcome and we want to make sure that our programmers will work for you until you are satisfied with the end product. You are paying them, so you are the BOSS! You will never get this feeling with a freelancer of Elance/odesk, you bet!


We sign a legal contract with the developer on your behalf to make sure the project is covered under contract. Remember the contract does NOT cover any refunds on services provided. It just makes sure that you are not duped or scammed. You are buying a service and this legal contract makes sure that you get that. The quality of service is a touchy subject and is not covered under this contract.


That's it, your programmer/programmers are finalized by you and an invoice is sent to you. Once you pay the invoice, your project is started by our team and you can track daily progress on the project via the online trackers and system trackers. You are in great control of the project and you will actually feel that the developer is working with you, sitting beside you in your office!


So this turns out to be a win-win deal. Everyone is happy and the project gets a happy ending like several of our customers have got. The developers are usually retailed for long term cooperation or for maintenance and adding new features into the product/software.