3 Software Languages for Mobile App Development in 2017

Nowadays people use mobile more than any other gadget for net surfing. It is reported that 1.4 billion of mobile phones are sold in 2016. This data shows that 2017 is the better time to get into the mobile app development. Mobile app development becomes the great source to bring revenue for your business.

In 2016, iOS developers as well as Android developers made a lot many apps. 90% of mobile marketing is covered by these two companies. Different online stores and many other companies launched their apps which is designed for both Android and Apple. It is predicted that there are 2.6 billion of active smartphone users and 3 million apps are in existence.

This all data turn most of the company route for mobile development. The businessmen are also investing more money in the mobile app development. Users are lazy so they use that app more, which having a user-friendly platform and easy to use.

So as a mobile app development company. You have to follow users need for the success of your business. So before getting involve in making an app. You have to decide which programming language you should use for the mobile app development.

Through this article, I will let you know about 3 most demanding language for mobile app development for 2017.


JAVA language is one of the most demanding language for mobile app development in the worldwide. It is estimated that 9 million developers using this platform for the development of the mobile app. Even Google’s Android use JAVA platform for the development of Android app.

Mobile AppsHere are the key features of JAVA which make it famous among the developers.

  • Runs on any platform.
  • JAVA is object oriented language.
  • It consists of open source library.
  • There is a strong community support for java and android.
  • Java is not complicated and easy to learn.
  • It having powerful IDE (Integrated Development Environment) which reduced error and gives clear explanation and suggestion to the developers.


Apple’s most of the apps are designed in objective C language. So to simplify language and increase the workflow of the developers, Apple introduced SWIFT. Apple released this programming language for the development of iOS apps.

As it is the most growing language. So in 2017 for you learning SWIFT language is one of the best ways to increase your business revenue through Apple mobile app development.

Mobile AppsSome of the key features which make SWIFT famous among of the developers.

  • SWIFT simplify objective C.
  • Sugar syntax used to make the code easier to read and reduce error.
  • SWIFT is the future of Apple app development framework.

HTML5 + JavaScript

HTML is mainly used to design web pages. You can’t use this language to develop a mobile app. But latest features of HTML in which combining HTML5 with JavaScript to create both the mobile app and web app.

You can use HTML5 for the development of the native app. because native apps are designed for the particular platform. In which, you have to code an app once. Whether you are developing an app for iOS or Android platform.

Mobile AppsSome of the key features of HTML5 are

  • It can be easily used for the app and web page.
  • IT help you to make the responsive design. which can be fixed on any screen.


In today’s business, every business people want an app for their business. So before jump for the mobile app development in 2017. You must know the above languages for the better development of Mobile App.

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