Online Pros Make What? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Online Pros Make What? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Online jobs in areas like Web development, data entry, marketing and mobile development are in demand across the globe, but how much do these Web professionals make?

A new study from CodeMongoose looks at data from popular online jobs platform oDesk to compare the asking salaries for a variety of online professions around the world. The results are pretty interesting, with the study revealing that the worldwide average asking salary for Web developers is $27 an hour. That said, developers in the U.S. ask for the highest hourly wage at $46 an hour, followed by the U.K. at $36 an hour.

Other data shows that online marketers request an average of $16 an hour across the globe, with marketers in the U.S. asking for $31, followed by Russian marketers who request $22 an hour. Moreover, the world’s average iPhone/Android developer makes $28 an hour, but mobile developers in the U.S. request a far larger hourly wage, at $52.

It is important to note, however, that the asking salaries of professionals represent this wage data, which means that companies have the ability to negotiate a lower rate.

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