Start your $120,000 a year software product business! Hire CodeMongoose today!

Start your $120,000 a year software product business! Hire CodeMongoose today!

Facedominator, TwtDominator, Linkeddominator and our other dominator software’s built by our team make 10,000$ a month in sales every month, month after month.

The creation of Facedominator software (the most popular facebook marketing software in Blackhat market today with over 100,000 downloads and thousands of paid users) is an interesting story! Read about it here and see how the team behind CodeMongoose made it possible.

Saurabh(me100rabh) contacted one of our founder’s Indianbill(me) with his idea of making a blackhat application for marketing on facebook. At that time, facewizard was taken down due to a Cease and Desist from Facebook, FFAP was only product and people were tired of its lack of support and bugs(Note: we are not criticizing anyone here, that’s the feedback we got in our market research) . The issue was not the bugs, the issue was the developers RELUCTANCY to fix the bugs and taking the community for a ride, this was quite evident from his sales thread bashing. Since he had monopoly in the market, he didn’t bother to listen to his users and did whatever he liked at his own pace. As there was no competition, and the community needed an alternate we decided to create one.

After getting some initial feedback from BHW members that a product is required which can fill the void, we start building Facedominator around April 2011. It took close to 6 months to build the initial release. Facedominator was launched in September 2011 officially on BHW. You can see the official launch thread here –

The first version of the software was a rather buggy version; we had a team of 2 developers who had good idea of C# programming but no idea of coding any bot or automation software before this. They mastered the art of bot programming in like 4 weeks’ time. This team was led by our co-founder indianbill007, who is a solutions architect and has a programing experience of over 7 years. On a side note, a bit of distraction from the post, for future bot developers or programmers who want to enter the bot/internet automation software market here are some good resources. (Must read books if you want to learn bot programming)

Anyways after 6 months, we had decent working software with a cranky UI, we were not UX experts, so we just threw out something which we thought make it a usable software.

We called it Facedominator Release 1.00 and released the working version to the market. This is a step where most software publishers fail, they fail to release the MVP (minimum viable product) which is something working. They try too hard to get everything right, everything working, every feature in the very first release, but trust me that seldom happens. Even large companies like Microsoft (World’s largest software maker) also release half-baked software just to release something working, and later issue service packs, feature updates and security releases in the form of service pack releases and updates (though they have to make it more stable and professional as they have their brand and reputation at stake, but I think you can make the point which I am trying to portray here). No one can ever release COMPLETE software. Infact there is nothing called COMPLETE SOFTWARE! So don’t every try to change this fact, you will fail miserably. Just try to get the MVP out as fast as you can.

With, Facedominator, we just did that, we just made sure that we got something which works, we didn’t care about how it looked initially, we didn’t care if it was 100% working or every feature was working on every windows OS (which is quite a pain in the ass if you ask me). We got lot of feedback on the software; some people also criticized us for initial bugs, but we got a lot of support from the community as a whole who trusted us that we would do a good job. I had great faith in my developers; the guy who coded the core of the Facedominator 1.0 is still with us.

With around 2 developers on board, we constantly kept on adding new features, making improvements into features and most important listened to our users and our community. There were user’s who bitched about us initially but later on came back to become loyal users of our software, seeing that we were so diligent about updating our product and kept adding new features. All in all we made lots of mistakes, had our own learning’s and finally were able to create something on real worth, which users liked and loved to use.

This gave us tremendous response, Facedominator was downloaded like over 100 times a day in the first few months, and our first month saw over 4000 downloads. Things slowed down a bit in between somewhere in the middle of 2012, but after we released the free version, the sales picked up again. A lot of new buyers downloaded and tried the free version first and finally converted into paid buyers. The decision to offer the free lite version turned out to be golden.

Every month, we have had close to 3000 users on an average and 2000-5000 downloads of the software monthly, overall close to 100,000+ downloads since the launch of the software and thousands of paid users.

The success of Facedominator, gave us confidence to launch Twtdominator, linkedominator and other software in the Dominator Software Suite – Web’s largest software suite of blackhat social network marketing software’s J. They have their own success stories and I shall narrate them later on a separate blog post, which they deserve.

The Dominator software suite has made us over 250,000$ to us so far. The first year we made $50k only, but in 2013 we saw a major rise in the income. It was not just the license sales, but a lot of marketers and agencies contacted us for white labelled versions of our software’s. We have white labelled our software’s for lot of marketers who marketed it to their own customer’s and we provided backend support and after sales support to their customers under their brand. This model made us more money than direct license sales of our dominators.

We are proud of what we created and what we shall create in the coming years!

There are many dominators under development, so stay tuned!

If you have a great idea and are looking for an efficient and skilled development team to get your idea developed the do hire your developers @ CodeMongoose.


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