Web Designing – 3 Crucial Web Design Mistakes:

Nowadays, tons of website are present on the internet. Probably thousands of sites are created daily. In this post, you can discover the things which make a website good? In this post, you can also explore the most common mistakes generally done by the web designers. If designers will take care of these mistakes, then they can definitely avoid the things which lag them in developing. So have a look at these mistakes and be aware of these mistakes.

Building a website can be scary and challenging. But do you know what is the real challenge? Developing that website usable is the real challenge. Most designers forget the main motto of designing a website. Basically, websites are not created for themselves. Websites are created to solve the user’s’ needs. Most designers give more priority in creativity whereas it is important to put more priority to its usability and practicality.

In this post, we will highlight the 3 common mistakes of web design that are done by the web designers and developers and how to avoid such mistakes. So let’s go inside the main topic. So let’s know the common mistakes and the solution to avoid such mistakes.

#1. The search box:

The search box

A website means it is an archive of information. Whether it is simply a blog or a corporate website, the search box is important. The reader wants to search those hidden things which may not available on that site. So it is important to put a search box on every website and it is mandatory. If you are putting a search box, then it will be easy for the reader to search that particular thing which he wants know. Google custom search is the best and simplest way to get started. Just go and search there. You will get the process how to install a search box on a website. Most designers and developers forget to put a search box on the website which puts a negative impact. So don’t forget to put a search box.

#2. Poor readability:

Poor Readability

Poor readability is the crucial or vital element in every web design. It is obvious that a good design and proper information can grab much attention. So to grab user’s attention, your website needs to be well-designed and informative. By following simple steps, you can easily improve the reading experience of your readers and can drag many attentions. Just follow these steps given below:

  • Follow the most major sites and notice everything on those sites. Observe the colors and see how they are improving the readability. A good color sense can improve the readability for sure.  
  • See what they are doing so that their websites easily allow readers to search or read anything.

#3. Screen resolution:

Screen resolution

You have seen many websites in which you have to scroll horizontally. This is absolutely a backward method in this modern era. Screen resolution is the most important thing in every website. So try to keep the screen resolution of your website in such a way that it should be user-friendly and smooth. An unfriendly screen resolution can lag your website from getting more readers. So take it very seriously while designing a website. Never prefer to horizontal scrolls as this has become down in a market.

Wrap Up:

So these are the most common and crucial web mistakes what should be avoided while creating a website. Besides these many other common mistakes are also there which can lag in the number of customers towards your website. For more details, you can check our site: https://codemongoose.com/ from which you can get many other blogs which are related to this technical world.


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