What are the Best Trends among the Latest Web Design to Implement?

What are the Best Trends among the Latest Web Design to Implement?

The trend of designing is changing in every year as the industry and audiences easily get bored with the ongoing designing trend. Perhaps, this might be the reason web designers are giving the hardest effort to create new designs which would be eye-catchy as well as flexible with all type of application and of course suits all kind of audiences.

So basically in this blog we are going to discuss the latest trends of web designing and how it can be beneficial for different kind of industries. This blog will help out site out various web plans for their projects, a level of design, the speed of execution and then how to implements them for a client’s project.


The animation is being popular as it can improve a site’s narrating, making the experience more intelligent and captivating in an intellectual way.

Though, you can’t simply stick movement in anyplace. Making a decision is difficult whether it adds to your site’s extra components and identity to your website. Animation can be considered in two forms:

Large scale animations: With this animation, one can enhance the user’s interaction process by including effects like parallax scrolling and pop-up notification.

Small scale animations: The small scale animation would include a spinner, loading bars, and other hover tools which don’t need any user’s action.

There are more animations techniques like smooth scrolling, motion animation, hover animation, background animation and so on. This all animation techniques will enrich the visibility of one’s web page and gives the visitors a pleasant landing for your web page.


Responsive design is the technique which enables websites to change their layout and content based on the device being used to view them. The design simply responds to its user environment. Such as, if your site uses responsive web design, a visitor who opens it on an iPhone will see a layout that is optimized for that phone’s smaller screen.

make your page responsive

Though it’s safe to say yes for responsive design isn’t going anyplace soon, as it is very cheap and user-friendly for a client but still responsive designs face few issues when it is executed appropriately. It has maximum chances to affect directly to your website performance.

So here are few steps one should take before going with Responsive designs.

• Try to use only responsive images defined with percentages.

• Don’t forget to apply performance test to the process to measure its effectiveness and optimize the site accordingly.

• Ignore using CSS images and JavaScript as it will download the images and give an unnecessary load to your web page.

• Strictly it’s advised to use only Responsive and Server Side(RSS)

• Always use conditional loading for JavaScript of JavaScript components so that it can be used on desktop sites, not on small devices. Never use third-party scripts for social sharing as it will give a negative impact and ultimately reduce performance.


#3 Microinteractions:

The Microinteractions activities are taking place all around you, starting from setting an alarm on your mobile phone to liking a Facebook image. All these activities are done with the only fraction of seconds with only Microinteractions.


Actually, Microinteractions are small parts of huge interactions and it is the most important part of all projects especially based on digital designs. Many times while you are using smart phones you are engaged with Microinteractions but still you are unaware of it like while rating an app, setting status message or keeping your phone in mute all these activities are Microinteraction.

Microinteractions is capable of managing communicating status, give a feedback, check the action of the result and also helps to manipulate users. Though it is very capable of managing huge tasks still it is getting such little attention as more than 90% of users are not aware of this features.


Final Words:

Even though we are using variety of smart technologies still then we are not aware of a maximum of them. Because of this reason only clients don’t demand latest designs as they think it won’t suit them. But, it is advisable to all clients as well as users to reach out the root design of all technologies which are used frequently by you. We will help you with our blogs in finding out which application is related to what kind of design and by using it how it could be beneficial for you.

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