What are the Latest Web development Trends to look forward this year 2017?


The new year has just started. This new year will bring new ideas, challenges, and possibilities. The time is changing and we have to avoid saying “I’ll do it tomorrow” in this year. This is not only about your personal plans but also about your career. To be smart, you have to be up-to-date with the latest web development trends which we need to look forward in 2017.

In the recent years, the web has ingrained our day to day life. We are using it for each and everything right from the shopping to reading the news. The demand of web development is always high as ever and the scope is also huge.

So here I present you the list of players that I think will reshape the technical landscape in 2017.


1. Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence


Whenever we talk about the future technology the artificial intelligence that is AI is preferred on the top. And now I can say that it is justified too. As a lot of advances have been made in the field of artificial intelligence. Some of the biggest tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Facebook has released their AI so that it can be used by the public. AI has already been used by the large applications either in Wikipedia’s case or to improve search engines, etc.   


2. Virtual Reality


Virtual Reality


Another term which is always seen on the top of the discussion about the technology’s future is the virtual reality or we can say as VR. This trend of VR has already started to sweep the gaming industries. The Vive and the Oculus Rift bring interesting and new possibilities to the gaming industries and it won’t stop there. Other companies including Google and the Mozilla have now begun to work on APIs so that to help virtual reality technology transition to the web. As the standards are developing we more applications to develop using virtual reality technologies.


3. IoT




IoT that is Internet of Things should be considered as a movement where the non-internet connected objects are provided the network connectivity to send and receive data. These objects can be a toaster or kettle or the sensors which are embedded in the concrete to detect weakness or cracks, anything. Web developers may not get directly show their involvement in the creation of such devices. However, it will be likely involved in the creation of applications that analyze, use and display the device data. Some the companies have already started working on API which can be used by the developers to communicate with Internet of Things devices.


4. Rail 5


Rail 5


Rail 5 is the new version of Rails that was released in the late June 2016. We observe that Rail 5 is still young we can expect its popularity to increase in 2017. This new release of Rails has come with some interesting additions that web developers should be excited to know.


i) Turbolinks 5 allow the developers to create Single Page like application directly from the Rail stack. Allowing the links to fetch the whole HTML pages and replacing body without any need for client-side JavaScript frameworks.


ii) A new way to create real-time application websockets in Rail is ActionCable. This makes the notification creation and the chat features easier. Also, you are able to access your ActiveRecord resources.


iii) Rail 5 has also merged the famous rails_api gem into its codebase. Now the developers are easily able to create API application in Rails and also can hook them up as their favorite JavaScript.


5. Static Website Generators


Static Website Generators


This creates websites from the plain text which are usually stored in files and not in the database. For some certain situations, static websites are built by generators such as Jekyll, this allows some advantages that are security, increased speed etc. however they no user content that has become a “must” on the web at present.     


Over to you


These were the latest web development trends which are in demand in this upcoming year. Hope this blog post will prove beneficial for you.

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