What are the Programming Trends in 2016?

Programming trends in 2016

What are the Programming Trends in 2016?

Web development has seen so many trends in the recent past. There are many advanced technologies launched that made it easy and effective. Among them all, we are mentioning some game-changing technologies of 2016.

  • We all know that JavaScript is the high-level and interpreted language used for WWW content production. The web applications that are built on JavaScript are so responsive. And we thought this is the most eligible technology for supporting web applications. But now, there are many technologies like Angular 2.0, React, TypeScript, JavaScript transpiling, CSS module, and Web Assembly.

Angular 2.0 React WebAssembly

These technologies are backing the web software and it continuous. Yet there is a small confusion in the industry about these technologies. But for those who are in the starting stage of web development career, this chaos can be good.

  • So far, we have worked with many backend technologies. And many a times, we get a problem with the communication between the frontend and the backend. Even Facebook is working on resolving the problem.

And somehow we got a solution for this problem in the form of GraphQL. Initially released internally by Facebook in 2012, it was made public in 2015. With the help of this technology, we can specify a shared protocol. With this, the frontend and the backend can communicate effectively. They can handle the problems by their own.

  • Containers: when we thought about containers previously, we thought that it was ambiguous and mysterious. Docker, a container that wraps up the piece of software into a complete file system. This was initially released on 13 March, 2013.


This file system contains everything that can be installed on server like code, system tools & libraries and runtime etc.

  • TensorFlow: This is a new technology in the AI/Neural nets. We can apply this technology to many fields and this helps startups that offer services in the artificial intelligence field. It is a machine learning system released in on 9th November, 2015 as an open source software. This is a product developed by Google Brain team.┬áThis is a software library for machine learning. And it helps in language understanding tasks.



these are the technology that are trending in 2016 in the programming world. These technologies are giving a new dimension of innovation and making something possible that was impossible.

Please let us know your ideas and experiences with these technologies below in the comment box.

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